Spring Feelings

It is now March. Spring has started. Well, somewhat. We have had a couple of days of sunshine now and yesterday it was actually quite warm. Being outside all day yesterday reminded me of how much I love spring and why. During the winter things tend to be grey, the snow in the city is wet and grey and people just go outside in order to get to places. Winter depressions are no myth. Then there ist that first day of the year, where it is warmer outside, the sun is shining and people go outside to meet other people, to sit in the sun or to meet friends in a café. To me that day is the most magical day of the year. This time around, it happened to be yesterday. I decided to go outside right after breakfast. I went for a bike ride in the park, then I went skating. The park was still pretty empty, but it started filling up with time. I met some friends (this only happens on warm days), we decided to change the spot and went to another skate park. People were so happy. There was a lot of beer drinking and weed smoking going on (for some reason this is a natural reaction that Danes have to warm temperatures) and people were happy. I was happy. I was not even annoyed by the fact that I had to go to university later that afternoon. Anyhow, I think you get the picture. I just wanted to share the magic.

On Writing, Studying and Traveling

It has been an eternity since I last wrote a post on this blog, so I thought now was the time. I have now started studying at university and as much as i didn't like it at the beginning, I am slowly starting to enjoy it. Even though I am heading into a more busy period now before christmas with essays, exams and presentations, I still feel like I am able to balance my free time with work time quite well. Plus I actually enjoy reading and attending most of my classes, which is nice too. Currently I am writing an essay on the impacts of immigration on the United States socially, economically and politically. This is a subject that I was already quite interested in a couple of years ago when I attended high school, so doing research and writing a "more academic" paper on the issue is quite interesting and I am learning a lot.

Furthermore christmas is coming up. I still need to do most of my crhistmas shopping, but I do have about a month left, so I think I will be fine. I will be going to Germany after christmas and over New Years. I will however have to study quite a lot due to a microeconomics exam at the beginning of January. This exam I am not looking forward too, but I hope that I will at least get a 7 or pass for that matter. ;)

Also today I booked my tickets to Los Angeles, California for August 2013 with a friend. I am really excited about this. I have dreamt about this road trip for so many years now and I am finally doing it. We are going to some of the major studios in LA and then from there on, we will rent a car and go to San Diego, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, some national parks, San Francisco and then from there we will drive along the cost back to LA. I really can't wait!

This past weekend my dad visited me for two days in Copenhagen and we went to Louisiana which is an art museum in northern Sealand. It was a very nice museum with some nice exhibitions. Among them was this kind of glass wall piece where I ended up taking a bunch of pictures, as the reflections were very interesting to me. Below i attached one of them.

35 mm film and nostalgia

Well, I have the day off and what usually happens when I am unoccupied is that I watch a lot of TV shows and films and think way too much about everything. Luckily this happens very rarely, or I would be a depressed and obese person with red eyes. Anywho, since today is one of those days and I have been doing way too much thinking, I thought I should do something productive and write. Turns out that my head is sorta empty of inspiring words and thoughts today, so I apologize in advance for this blog entry.

It seems like a lot of people lately have been feeling some form of nostalgia. So I thought I would like to contribute to this as well. Recently, when I was at work, I was preparing some 35 mm trailers that we just had received. I love that part of my job. Being able to physically touch the films and see the first couple of frames of a film that I have maybe been looking forward to in a long time. While I was cutting in the film and pasting the pieces together, I came to think of how sad it will be once the 35 mm film is going to be replaced by digital film. Yes, digital film is better quality, it looks more flawless and it doesn't go into film break and it is generally less time consuming. BUT I love the nostalgic feeling I get when watching a 35 mm film. The little scratches here and there, the cigarette butts at change of acts and the occasional out of focus picture or changing sound levels. It is what makes cinema special and by making everything digital, all of this will go away.

Another advantage that 35 mm film has, is that when something goes wrong, you can immediately spot the problem and fix it. You can see, if the film has wrapped itself around the unit. You go in, tell the audience to be patient for 5 min, cut the film free, glue it back together and voilá, you can start the projector again and you are good to go. For a digital machine it does not work that way. Here for some random reason the movie won't start, the machine decides to shut itself down in the middle of a film, an unknown ICCP 337 error occures, a fan doesn't work, so the bulb won't turn on. All these things have happened and usually the only solution is to restart the whole system, which will take about 15 to 20 min. The worst part is that A: restarting the system might not even help and B: nobody knows afterwards why the error occured. Not even the geeks who are supposed to understand these machines.

I think this is just something to think about. And I am sorry, if this entry got a little to geeky or passionate along the way, but I just think that this is an example of where new technology is not always the best solution. Furthermore I hope that 35 mm film will stick around for a while, even though it will be ending pretty soon in my cinema.


Trust Your Heart!

It's been a while since I have written an entry. That is because I have been super busy. I did end up getting he job as a film operator and it is pretty awesome. Best job I could have gotten. I have always been so lucky in my life and I wonder when this will end. I mean, can't be lucky all the way, right?

Oh well, what I really wanted to write about this time was something I have been thinking about the past days. I went on a little road trip to Germany, where I went to some concerts and got to do an interview. It was really amazing and my body is still buzzing from the experience. I was asked by a person wheather she had made the right decision about something. I said I thought so and rambled on a little bit, but the answer I gave was not very satisfying to me. What I should have said is this: "I am absolutely certain that you have made the right decision for you, because this was a decision you based on your heart and your feeling. What you are trying to do now, is justify that decision with your brain and it won't quite work, because it was not the most logical decision. But bottom line is that the heart is always right." Of course I was not able to say that in the situation, because I am the worst person at spontanious answers and I like to think for a while before I answer.

But wha I guess I take away from this is that I am not the only person who only trusts her heart when making decisions, even though it feels completely stupid sometimes. It is just that brain decisions never worked out so well in the long run.

So that was my little thinking session of the past couple of days. Here's a picture of a swan in Offenbach. I was quite obsessed and ended up taking a lot of pictures. :)


I am currently waiting for the answer of a job interview that I went to last Friday. In general waiting for these kinda answers is kinda nerve racking, but this time around it is even worse, cause I really want this job. More than anything, really. I haven't been able to sleep properly, my stomach has nervous tickles every half hour or so. The worst part is that I haven't got a good feeling about how the job interview went down. My energy wasn't up high enough and I don't think I could convince her that I would be pretty good at the job. Which I absolutely believe, but it is just sorta hard for me to communicate that to people. Especially in Danish. Oh well, today it is Monday and she said I would get a reply today. Hasn't happened so far. I don't know what to do, if I don't get the job. I want it so so so much and I would do anything to get it. Also I have run out of ideas of what to do when I don't get it. Ugh. :( Not to be pessimistic, but the fact that I haven't gotten an answer yet is not a very good sign. And to make matters worse, I don't even have a new episode of Parenthood, Community or Glee to watch to forget my sorrow. Seriously, if I don't get this job, I'm gonna cry.

Copenhagen Bliss

I have moved to Copenhagen. Capital of Denmark, popular tourist city and home of the hipsters.

I am more or less trying to enjoy my unemployed daily life. I write applications, I walk into stores to ask for jobs and I watch TV shows. Community, 30 Rock, Jersey Shore, My Life As Liz, Awkward. I read books about boosting your economy and how to be a producer. So basically I am pretty productive. It does not feel like it though. It feels like I am just wasting my days with nothing with occasional happenings of goodnes. I was sitting at the lakes the other day when I suddenly had a spark of inspiration, so I started writing. I don't know. Maybe it will turn into something. I guess I have time to write now. I also went to the library yesterday. I will sign up on Monday and read classic after classic to stock up on common knowledge. Some people get inspired by books. I don't really. But I thought I might give it a try. Don't got nothing else to do.

I started watching My Life As Liz and I must say that even though it is a typical MTV show, it does have something to it. It is entertaining, a no brainer and sweet. I read in this book on how to be a producer that you should always stay true to yourself and only produce ideas you like yourself. So I realized I might turn into the most mainstream producer the world has ever seen and I am fine with that. Yes, I do enjoy good quality movies with depth, but whenever I am down, I turn to shows like Community, My Life as Liz and Awkward. It is who I am and I don't care what other people think. It freakin' sells!

Back Home

I am back home. Well, one of my homes. I am at my old film school to help out with the new students for a month. It is nice to be back. This place contains good memories, amazing nature and a lot of laughter. There is not much to say, but that I am happy to be back for a little while. This place is like a bubble. Once you are here, the outside world doesn't matter. It's an escape. A way not to deal with reality for a little while. And while all these things are nice, I should probably face reality soon. I am moving to Copenhagen in mid September and I need to find a job. I found an appartment, a really nice one and I am happy about that. But I can't pay the rent without a job, so I really need to find a job soon. I just gotta keep trying and trying I guess.

I will enjoy this bubble for a little longer and admire the beautiful sunsets of this place.

Summer Comes to an End

Well, summer is almost over. It certainly feels over due to the constant rain. I was in Copenhagen last week to look at appartments. Didn't find one, but I am still optimistic. Despite my lack of success in finding an appartment, it was really nice to see my friends from school again that I haven't seen since May. We basically sat in a cafe all day, spent our days on Nörrebro and managed to sneak some skating in . The skatepark is really awesome. I can't wait to go there more when I move to Copenhagen, which will hopefully be soon. All I have to do is get my drivers license. I finished the theory part with no problem, but tomorrow I am taking my practical test and we will see how that goes. I do tend to get nervous under test situations. But I really hope I will be successful so that I can move to Copenhagen. Also I am planning to go skating with a friend of mine who is visiting from Berlin. Fingers crossed that it's not gonna rain, cause it's been raining a lot the past days!

Well, now to another passion of mine: cameras! While in Copenhagen, I saw they sold the Diana F+ and I was sorta curious. It would be fun to go back to some analogue photography. But I am not willing to pay 70 Euros for that. So I found my dad's old camera that he got for 2,50 Euros (5 Deutsche Mark) back in the days. I asked him, if it still works and he said yes, but you would have to buy a roll film and he wasn't shure, if theyre still sold. So I went to the photo store today and tadaaa, they sell roll film. Bought five roles and I can't wait to see the results! This is so exciting!


so this is what happens when I clean my room...

I decided to be productive today and study for my drivers license and clean my room. it sort of needed to be cleaned though. well, as always when i clean my room I find all the stuff I haven't seen for years and so my outfit today was this:

i bought those glasses for a theater play once, but they are kinda fun to wear I must say. ;) the hat connects me with many memories, great memories mostly. :)

Well, otherwise I have been busy with the internship and my drivers license. It's going well I would say. :)

Have a good one!


so, I don't know, if I would call it an obsession, but let's just say I wouldn't mind having a Jordan Catalano in my life. ;) I've been watching My so-called Life lately and I'm kinda mad at my friends for getting me into this, because now I can't stop watching it. Gonna be sad when the season is over. How come all the good '90 shows only had one season??

anyways, there's so many other things I should do instead; study for my driver's license test, go for a nice walk in this gorgeuos weather, go for a run. but I just can't get my mind of this series, so I guess I'm hopeless and Jordan it is. ;)

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