Summer Comes to an End

Well, summer is almost over. It certainly feels over due to the constant rain. I was in Copenhagen last week to look at appartments. Didn't find one, but I am still optimistic. Despite my lack of success in finding an appartment, it was really nice to see my friends from school again that I haven't seen since May. We basically sat in a cafe all day, spent our days on Nörrebro and managed to sneak some skating in . The skatepark is really awesome. I can't wait to go there more when I move to Copenhagen, which will hopefully be soon. All I have to do is get my drivers license. I finished the theory part with no problem, but tomorrow I am taking my practical test and we will see how that goes. I do tend to get nervous under test situations. But I really hope I will be successful so that I can move to Copenhagen. Also I am planning to go skating with a friend of mine who is visiting from Berlin. Fingers crossed that it's not gonna rain, cause it's been raining a lot the past days!

Well, now to another passion of mine: cameras! While in Copenhagen, I saw they sold the Diana F+ and I was sorta curious. It would be fun to go back to some analogue photography. But I am not willing to pay 70 Euros for that. So I found my dad's old camera that he got for 2,50 Euros (5 Deutsche Mark) back in the days. I asked him, if it still works and he said yes, but you would have to buy a roll film and he wasn't shure, if theyre still sold. So I went to the photo store today and tadaaa, they sell roll film. Bought five roles and I can't wait to see the results! This is so exciting!


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