Back Home

I am back home. Well, one of my homes. I am at my old film school to help out with the new students for a month. It is nice to be back. This place contains good memories, amazing nature and a lot of laughter. There is not much to say, but that I am happy to be back for a little while. This place is like a bubble. Once you are here, the outside world doesn't matter. It's an escape. A way not to deal with reality for a little while. And while all these things are nice, I should probably face reality soon. I am moving to Copenhagen in mid September and I need to find a job. I found an appartment, a really nice one and I am happy about that. But I can't pay the rent without a job, so I really need to find a job soon. I just gotta keep trying and trying I guess.

I will enjoy this bubble for a little longer and admire the beautiful sunsets of this place.

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