Copenhagen Bliss

I have moved to Copenhagen. Capital of Denmark, popular tourist city and home of the hipsters.

I am more or less trying to enjoy my unemployed daily life. I write applications, I walk into stores to ask for jobs and I watch TV shows. Community, 30 Rock, Jersey Shore, My Life As Liz, Awkward. I read books about boosting your economy and how to be a producer. So basically I am pretty productive. It does not feel like it though. It feels like I am just wasting my days with nothing with occasional happenings of goodnes. I was sitting at the lakes the other day when I suddenly had a spark of inspiration, so I started writing. I don't know. Maybe it will turn into something. I guess I have time to write now. I also went to the library yesterday. I will sign up on Monday and read classic after classic to stock up on common knowledge. Some people get inspired by books. I don't really. But I thought I might give it a try. Don't got nothing else to do.

I started watching My Life As Liz and I must say that even though it is a typical MTV show, it does have something to it. It is entertaining, a no brainer and sweet. I read in this book on how to be a producer that you should always stay true to yourself and only produce ideas you like yourself. So I realized I might turn into the most mainstream producer the world has ever seen and I am fine with that. Yes, I do enjoy good quality movies with depth, but whenever I am down, I turn to shows like Community, My Life as Liz and Awkward. It is who I am and I don't care what other people think. It freakin' sells!

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