Trust Your Heart!

It's been a while since I have written an entry. That is because I have been super busy. I did end up getting he job as a film operator and it is pretty awesome. Best job I could have gotten. I have always been so lucky in my life and I wonder when this will end. I mean, can't be lucky all the way, right?

Oh well, what I really wanted to write about this time was something I have been thinking about the past days. I went on a little road trip to Germany, where I went to some concerts and got to do an interview. It was really amazing and my body is still buzzing from the experience. I was asked by a person wheather she had made the right decision about something. I said I thought so and rambled on a little bit, but the answer I gave was not very satisfying to me. What I should have said is this: "I am absolutely certain that you have made the right decision for you, because this was a decision you based on your heart and your feeling. What you are trying to do now, is justify that decision with your brain and it won't quite work, because it was not the most logical decision. But bottom line is that the heart is always right." Of course I was not able to say that in the situation, because I am the worst person at spontanious answers and I like to think for a while before I answer.

But wha I guess I take away from this is that I am not the only person who only trusts her heart when making decisions, even though it feels completely stupid sometimes. It is just that brain decisions never worked out so well in the long run.

So that was my little thinking session of the past couple of days. Here's a picture of a swan in Offenbach. I was quite obsessed and ended up taking a lot of pictures. :)

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Mar 28, 2012 kl.5:01 PM

I try my English now. ;) i check your blog once a months i think and now there is a new blog entry... YIPEAH :D

Nice swan picture. :)

I think to trust your heart is a good think but in some decisions it´s not bad to use the brain too. ;)

But if you don´t know what´s the right decision after thinking a longer time about it... i think i would trust my heart. I think i have to make a "big" decision soon too and hope to do the right thing.

Mar 28, 2012 kl.5:31 PM

Yes, I agree. You have to use your brain. I just feel like that all major decisions where I have decided to go with my brain decision were wrong. But I always tend to think things through before I do things, only to go with my gut feeling in the end. So why not go with my gut feeling from the start? ;)

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