35 mm film and nostalgia

Well, I have the day off and what usually happens when I am unoccupied is that I watch a lot of TV shows and films and think way too much about everything. Luckily this happens very rarely, or I would be a depressed and obese person with red eyes. Anywho, since today is one of those days and I have been doing way too much thinking, I thought I should do something productive and write. Turns out that my head is sorta empty of inspiring words and thoughts today, so I apologize in advance for this blog entry.

It seems like a lot of people lately have been feeling some form of nostalgia. So I thought I would like to contribute to this as well. Recently, when I was at work, I was preparing some 35 mm trailers that we just had received. I love that part of my job. Being able to physically touch the films and see the first couple of frames of a film that I have maybe been looking forward to in a long time. While I was cutting in the film and pasting the pieces together, I came to think of how sad it will be once the 35 mm film is going to be replaced by digital film. Yes, digital film is better quality, it looks more flawless and it doesn't go into film break and it is generally less time consuming. BUT I love the nostalgic feeling I get when watching a 35 mm film. The little scratches here and there, the cigarette butts at change of acts and the occasional out of focus picture or changing sound levels. It is what makes cinema special and by making everything digital, all of this will go away.

Another advantage that 35 mm film has, is that when something goes wrong, you can immediately spot the problem and fix it. You can see, if the film has wrapped itself around the unit. You go in, tell the audience to be patient for 5 min, cut the film free, glue it back together and voilá, you can start the projector again and you are good to go. For a digital machine it does not work that way. Here for some random reason the movie won't start, the machine decides to shut itself down in the middle of a film, an unknown ICCP 337 error occures, a fan doesn't work, so the bulb won't turn on. All these things have happened and usually the only solution is to restart the whole system, which will take about 15 to 20 min. The worst part is that A: restarting the system might not even help and B: nobody knows afterwards why the error occured. Not even the geeks who are supposed to understand these machines.

I think this is just something to think about. And I am sorry, if this entry got a little to geeky or passionate along the way, but I just think that this is an example of where new technology is not always the best solution. Furthermore I hope that 35 mm film will stick around for a while, even though it will be ending pretty soon in my cinema.


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