On Writing, Studying and Traveling

It has been an eternity since I last wrote a post on this blog, so I thought now was the time. I have now started studying at university and as much as i didn't like it at the beginning, I am slowly starting to enjoy it. Even though I am heading into a more busy period now before christmas with essays, exams and presentations, I still feel like I am able to balance my free time with work time quite well. Plus I actually enjoy reading and attending most of my classes, which is nice too. Currently I am writing an essay on the impacts of immigration on the United States socially, economically and politically. This is a subject that I was already quite interested in a couple of years ago when I attended high school, so doing research and writing a "more academic" paper on the issue is quite interesting and I am learning a lot.

Furthermore christmas is coming up. I still need to do most of my crhistmas shopping, but I do have about a month left, so I think I will be fine. I will be going to Germany after christmas and over New Years. I will however have to study quite a lot due to a microeconomics exam at the beginning of January. This exam I am not looking forward too, but I hope that I will at least get a 7 or pass for that matter. ;)

Also today I booked my tickets to Los Angeles, California for August 2013 with a friend. I am really excited about this. I have dreamt about this road trip for so many years now and I am finally doing it. We are going to some of the major studios in LA and then from there on, we will rent a car and go to San Diego, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, some national parks, San Francisco and then from there we will drive along the cost back to LA. I really can't wait!

This past weekend my dad visited me for two days in Copenhagen and we went to Louisiana which is an art museum in northern Sealand. It was a very nice museum with some nice exhibitions. Among them was this kind of glass wall piece where I ended up taking a bunch of pictures, as the reflections were very interesting to me. Below i attached one of them.

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