Spring Feelings

It is now March. Spring has started. Well, somewhat. We have had a couple of days of sunshine now and yesterday it was actually quite warm. Being outside all day yesterday reminded me of how much I love spring and why. During the winter things tend to be grey, the snow in the city is wet and grey and people just go outside in order to get to places. Winter depressions are no myth. Then there ist that first day of the year, where it is warmer outside, the sun is shining and people go outside to meet other people, to sit in the sun or to meet friends in a caf. To me that day is the most magical day of the year. This time around, it happened to be yesterday. I decided to go outside right after breakfast. I went for a bike ride in the park, then I went skating. The park was still pretty empty, but it started filling up with time. I met some friends (this only happens on warm days), we decided to change the spot and went to another skate park. People were so happy. There was a lot of beer drinking and weed smoking going on (for some reason this is a natural reaction that Danes have to warm temperatures) and people were happy. I was happy. I was not even annoyed by the fact that I had to go to university later that afternoon. Anyhow, I think you get the picture. I just wanted to share the magic.

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02.04.2013 kl.16:41

Bei uns gab es diesen Tag auch schon... aber nur diesen einen! Ein Tag an dem ich mich aufs Rad geschwungen habe, weil endlich das Wetter dazu da war. Doch schon am nchsten Tag war alles vorbei. Its magic! ;)

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