May 2011

It's goin' :P

Days are slowly passing by here in Germany. I don't think I'll be able to get a job over the summer, cause it will interfere with taking my driver's license, but I might be able to get a more flexi...

choices in life

Well, I said no to the internship. I think it was the right decision considering a couple of factors. And although my logic sence tells me I am an idiot, this was more of a heart decision. I still ...

i miss taking pictures!

I miss taking pictures! I came to realize this a couple of minutes back when I was looking at a couple of photo blogs. My mission is to buy a camera. I think I will go for a canon 550d. I know ever...

Finals are over, schools over, the depression starts. kiddin. not really.

Well, finals are over and I must say that over all I am quite happy with the films I have been involved in and also the other final projects. I am very proud of my self and all the other students o...


20, Oslo

Well, I am a film student from Denmark/Germany and this is my blog. enjoy.